wt. January 23, 2018
Paid studies
CBSE - Graduate profile

Construction and Building Systems Engineering (CBSE)

Graduate profile:

The graduate is prepared to perform construction as well as building systems installation manager duties and responsibilities. They are also prepared to design civil-engineering objects of small volume, including their basic building systems. Moreover, the graduate is prepared to cooperatively design public as well as industrial buildings, facilities and infrastructure. They can organize, lead and supervise the construction process of any civil-engineering objects. They have the knowledge and expertise required to design, construct, and manage building systems: water, sewage, heat and gas systems. They also have basic knowledge and expertise in the field of water supply, sewage treatment, waste disposal, and waste treatment. The graduate can work in construction companies, construction inspectorate, concrete plants, precast plants, construction materials recycling plants, governmental departments connected with civil-engineering, transportation and architecture. They have the basic knowledge of business management essential to start and run a private company. They have the professional expertise to manage civil-engineering enterprise.  The graduate, after fulfilling other statutory requirements, has the basis to try to obtain the professional qualifications needed to perform unassisted functions in civil-engineering – unrestricted construction works supervising and restricted construction designing. They are prepared to start the MSc degree studies in civil-engineering and environmental engineering.