pon. January 22, 2018
Paid studies
Department of Construction Materials, Technology and Organization
45e Wiejska Str., 15-351 Białystok

Department Director - Professor Michał Bołtryk DSc, PhD, Eng

Department Office:

Ewa Omieljańczuk, MSc Eng room: WB-225 mobile: +48 571443128
phone: +48 85 7469603

Educationally Staff:

Prof. Michał Bołtryk DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-116 mobile: +48 797995953 m.boltryk(at)pb.edu.pl
Prof. Anton Ravinski, DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-115A
Beata Backiel-Brzozowska, PhD, Eng room: WB-35B
Dorota Dworzańczyk-Krzywiec, PhD, Eng room: WB-123 mobile: +48 797995955 d.dworzanczyk(at)pb.edu.pl
Małgorzata Lelusz, PhD, Eng room: WB-67B mobile: +48 797995956 m.lelusz(at)pb.edu.pl
Dorota Małaszkiewicz, PhD, Eng room: WB-123 mobile: +48 797995955 d.malaszkiewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Jerzy Obolewicz, PhD, Eng room: WB-128 mobile: +48 797995958 j.obolewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Edyta Pawluczuk, PhD, Eng room: WB-115 mobile: +48 797995957
phone: +48 85 7469636
Krystyna Rauba, PhD, Eng room: WB-115 mobile: +48 797995957
phone: +48 85 7469636
Jerzy Sulewski, MSc, Eng room: WB-123 mobile: +48 797995959 j.sulewski(at)pb.edu.pl
Nina Szklennik, MSc, Eng room: WB-122 mobile: +48 797995960 n.szklennik(at)pb.edu.pl
Jarosław Szklennik, MSc, Eng room: WB-122 mobile: +48 797995960 j.szklennik(at)pb.edu.pl
Natalia Stankiewicz, MSc, Eng room: WB-67B
Katarzyna Kalinowska-Wichrowska, MSc, Eng room: WB-122

Technical Staff:

Wioleta Rutkowska, MSc room: WB-35B mobile: +48 797995962 w.rutkowska(at)pb.edu.pl
Grzegorz Ryszard Orzepowski, MSc, Eng room: WB-046B mobile: +48 797995959 g.orzepowski(at)pb.edu.pl
inż. Marcin Matejko, Eng room: WB-023B

Scientific research activity:

  • Material and structural modification of cement concretes working in aggressive environments
  • Forecasting of accidents in construction industry
  • Technology of recycled concrete
  • Characteristics of concrete with recycled mineral aggregate
  • Durability, maintenance and exploitation of buildings
  • Properties of lightweight concretes with renewable aggregates/fillers
  • Properties of building ceramics structure
  • Sustainable development of concrete technology
  • Optimization in realization of complex engineering processes (earth works, monolithic works, assembly works)
  • Diagnostics and modeling of security and health protection on particular positions of work structure and in building enterprises
  • Economics of investments
  • Quality management in construction industry
  • Complex modernization of housing resources