pon. January 22, 2018
Paid studies
Department of Geoinformation and Spatial Economy
45e Wiejska Str., 15-351 Bialystok

Department Director - Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Kobryń DSc, PhD, Eng

Department Office:

Jolanta Skorouba-Olizarowicz room: WB-117 phone: +48 85 746 96 16 wb.kgigp(at)pb.edu.pl

Educationally Staff:

Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Kobryń DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-127 phone: +48 797995983 a.kobryn(at)pb.edu.pl
Assoc. Prof. Edwin Koźniewski DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-126 phone: +48 797995964 e.kozniewski(at)pb.edu.pl
Elżbieta Broniewicz, PhD, Eng room: WB-124 phone: +48 797995920 e.broniewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Elżbieta Gołąbeska, PhD room: WB-129 phone: +48 797995984 e.golabeska(at)pb.edu.pl
Aldona Harasimowicz, PhD room: WB-124 phone: +48 797995920 a.harasimowicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Waldemar Łupiński, PhD, Eng room: WB-114
Marcin Orłowski, PhD, Eng room: WB-126 phone: +48 797995964 m.orlowski(at)pb.edu.pl
Elżbieta Rudczyk-Malijewska, PhD, Eng. room: WB-129 phone: +48 797995984 e.malijewska(at)pb.edu.pl
Piotr Bołtryk, PhD room: WB-116
Łukasz Kolendo, MSc, Eng room: WB-114
Karolina Ogrodnik, MSc, Eng room: WB-124 phone: +48 797995920 k.ogrodnik(at)pb.edu.pl
Tomasz Tekień, MSc, Eng room: WB-114
Iwona Kosk, MSc, Eng room: WB-124 phone: +48 797995920 i.kosk(at)pb.edu.pl
Paweł Kruk, MSc, Eng room: WB-124

Technical Staff:

Franciszek Sikorski, Eng room: WB-30B phone: +48 797995986

Scientific research activity:

  • Engineering and industrial geodesy
  • Geometry of communication routes
  • Cadastre and real estate management
  • Investigation of deformations of engineering constructions
  • Geometry and engineering graphics
  • Investments in real estate market
  • Dynamic analysis of a real estate market
  • Regional development, urbanization and integrating processes in EU; EU aid funds
  • Management and environmental economics