wt. January 23, 2018
Paid studies
Department of Structural Mechanics
45e Wiejska Str., 15-351 Białystok

Department Director - Professor Czesław Miedziałowski DSc, PhD, Eng

Department Office:

Marta Konopacka, MSc, Eng room: WB-219A phone:+48 85 7469596 wb.kmk(at)pb.edu.pl

Educationally Staff:

Professor Czesław Miedziałowski, DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-220 mobile: +48 797995940 c.miedzialowski(at)pb.edu.pl
Tadeusz Chyży, DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-219B mobile: +48 797995941 t.chyzy(at)pb.edu.pl
Michał Baszeń, PhD, Eng room: WB-222 mobile: +48 797995942 m.baszen(at)kmb.pb.edu.pl
Krzysztof Czech, PhD, Eng room: WB-222 mobile: +48 797995942 k.czech(at)pb.edu.pl
Janusz Krentowski, PhD, Eng room: WB-220B mobile: +48 797995945

Jarosław Malesza, PhD, Eng room: WB-221 mobile: +48 797995946 j.malesza(at)pb.edu.pl
Joanna Krętowska, PhD, Eng room: WB-223 mobile: +48 797995943 j.kretowska(at)pb.edu.pl
Romuald Szeląg, PhD, Eng room: WB-220B mobile: +48 797995945 r.szelag(at)pb.edu.pl
Adam Walendziuk, PhD, Eng room: WB-221 mobile: +48 797995946 a.walendziuk(at)kmb.pb.edu.pl
Sandra Mlonek, MSc, Eng room: WB-207A mobile: +48 797995947 s.matulewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Monika Mackiewicz, MSc, Eng

Technical Staff:

Anna Żakowicz, MSc, Eng room: WB-221 mobile: +48 797995946 a.zakowicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Anatoli Kalicki, Eng room: WB-02B mobile: +48 797995948

Scientific research activities:

  • strength of building materials in case of simple and complex states of loads
  • analysis of building structures in their natural 3D static schemes taking into consideration soil-structures interaction
  • static and dynamic analysis of building structures especially in case of new load conditions, superstructures, developments etc.
  • static and dynamic diagnostics of building and bridge structures
  • the utilization of computer and numerical methods in the analysis of building structures
  • damping in cement composites modified by polymers
  • analysis of osseous tissue effort in applied dentistry