wt. January 23, 2018
Paid studies
Division of Chemistry
29 Zamenhofa Str.; 15-435 Białystok

Division Director - Professor Włodzimierz Lewnadowski DSc, PhD

Division Office:

Ewa Sokoł phone: (085) 746 97 80 wb.zch(at)pb.edu.pl

Educationally Staff:

Professor Włodzimierz Lewandowski DSc, PhD phone: (085) 746 97 90
Associate Professor Jerzy Bryłka DSc, PhD, Eng
Assistant Professor Marian Kucharski DSc, PhD, Eng
PhD Monika Kalinowska
PhD Jolanta Piekut
PhD Ewa Regulska
PhD Mariola Samsonowicz
PhD Grażyna Strutyńska
PhD Renata Świsłocka

Technical Staff:

MSc Dorota Filipiuk
MSc Danuta Karpowicz
MSc Halina Sobolewska
MSc Małgorzata Kowczyk (trainee)
Stanisława Cylko


Scientific research activities:

  • Searching for new applications of chosen coordinative and organic compounds in environment, building, food engineering and medicine
  • Study of micro pollutants occurrence in drinking water, which emerge during water treatment and their reactions and properties, which cause above-the-line side effects
  • Spectroscopic research on ligands and their complexes Services
  • Chemical analysis of water and construction materials
  • Determination of chosen organic pollutants in water (benzene derivatives, phenols, chlorophenols, products of water oxidation and disinfection: halogenoacetic acids, THM, bromates) using GC and HPLC methods
  • Application of FT-IR spectroscopy in scientific and technical research

Education activities:

  • Chemistry (Chemistry I and Chemistry II)
  • Instrumental analytical chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Sources of energy
  • Instrumental methods in analysis of environmental pollution
  • Ecological electrochemistry