pon. January 22, 2018
Paid studies
Division of Fundamentals of Construction and Building Physics
45e Wiejska str., 15-351 Bialystok

Division Director - Professor Walery Jezierski DSc, PhD, Eng

Division Office:

Jolanta Skrouba-Olizarowicz room: WB-117A phone: +48 85 7469616
mobile: +48 571443132

Educationally Staff:

Professor Walery Jezierski, DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-125A mobile: +48 797995961 w.jezierski(at)pb.edu.pl
Assoc. Prof. Irena Ickiewicz, DSc, PhD, Eng room: WB-118A mobile: +48 797995993 i.ickiewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Beata Sadowska, PhD, Eng room: WB-120A mobile: +48 797995994 b.sadowska(at)pb.edu.pl
Wiesław Sarosiek, PhD, Eng room: WB-120A mobile: +48 797995994

Robert Stachniewicz, PhD, Eng room: WB-120A mobile: +48 797995954 r.stachniewicz(at)pb.edu.pl
Adam Święcicki, PhD, Eng room: WB-120A mobile: +48 797995994 a.swiecicki(at)pb.edu.pl
Artur Kobus, MSc room: WB-115A
Sylwia Złowodzka, MSc, Eng room: WB-120A

Technical Staff:

inż. Tomasz Żukowski, Eng room: WB-34B mobile: +48 797996003 t.zukowski(at)pb.edu.pl

Scientific research activities:

  • Optimization of thermal insulation of buildings
  • Designing and research energy saving buildings and passive buildings
  • Research on the energy properties exploited buildings
  • Efficiency of thermal insulation
  • Heat conduction in grounds construction
  • Mathematical modeling in the construction industry
  • Planning of experimental research