pon. January 22, 2018
Paid studies

After the Second World War Białystok needed civil engineers to take charge of the rebuilding activities of the city and the Białystok region. First students of the Faculty started their education at the Evening College of Engineering on 1st September 1951. In 1964 the College was transformed into the Higher School of Engineering and the Building Faculty was renamed into the Civil Engineering Faculty. In 1974 it was transformed into the Institute of Civil Engineering with the rights of a faculty.
Originally the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering was located in the buildings in Grunwaldzka and Sosnowa streets but classes were also held in rented secondary school classrooms. Since 1988 the Faculty has had its own building situated on the university campus at Wiejska 45 E. In the years between 1955 and 2008 the Faculty graduated 9500 students. The Faculty is entitled to confer doctoral degrees in the disciplines of environmental engineering (1980) and civil engineering (1988). Recently (since 23rd June 2008) it has also acquired the rights to confer a post-doctoral degree in the scientific field of civil engineering.