wt. January 23, 2018
Paid studies

Main scientific and research activities of the Faculty staff include :
• basics of building engineering , new building materials and physics of buildings,
• energy saving and ecology in building engineering,
• building and engineering structures made of ferroconcrete, masonry, metal and wood,
• application of computing techniques in the theory of construction and material strength,
• geotechnics and foundations,
• road and transportation engineering,
• engineering of building processes,
• building technology and organization,
• management and marketing in building engineering,
• geodesy and building measurement systems,
• heat production, heating and ventilation engineering,
• environment monitoring,
• soil, water and air protection systems,
• water supply and sewerage systems,
• water and sewage treatment, sediment technology and utilization
• designing energy-saving water supply, sewage and thermal systems,
• designing small sewage treatment plants
• testing heat transfer systems, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
• surface and ground water quality testing
• domestic and industrial wastewater testing,
• soil classification and testing